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Computer Science Colloquia

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Matthew Yu
Advisor: Worthy Martin
Attending Faculty: Jason Lawrence, Chair; Kevin Sullivan; Paul Reynolds; and Steven Boker

9:00 AM, Rice Hall, Rm. 404

Qualifying Exam Presentation
A Wrinkle in the Active Appearance Model


Active appearance models (AAM) was a technique initially developed for searching and fitting examples in an image, particularly faces, and has since been extended for use in animation and videoconferencing.  However, AAMs are not effective at recreating facial wrinkles by themselves: some interpolation occurs that tends to blur out details from the original face.  The purpose of this project is to determine whether such wrinkles can be rendered convincingly with 2D techniques and create such a system for generating wrinkles with the AAM pipeline without significantly modifying it.

I present a system that can be used to enhance wrinkles that are on a face.  The system does not require any modifications to the original AAM pipeline and can be added as an additional step in generating an avatar image.  Finally the system can be used to seamlessly blend in wrinkles if an example wrinkle image or drawing were to be provided.  This system uses a parameter based texture synthesis technique in which additional statistics from either the original video frames or a separate statistics model are extracted and used to improve the generated avatar image.  I present example results from using this system and compare it with several other techniques for adding or strengthening existing wrinkles.  Finally I present the initial human subjects testing results to evaluate whether the system is affected by uncanny valley and whether the system alters the apparent age of the face.