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Computer Science Colloquia

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Sirajum Munir
Advisor: John Stankovic
Attending Faculty: Alf Weaver (Committee Chair), Gabriel Robins, Yanjun Qi, and John Lach (Minor Representative).

2:00 pm in Rice Hall, Rm. 242

PhD Proposal Presentation
Towards Integrating Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Homes

As sensor and actuator networks mature, they become a core utility of smart homes like electricity and water and enable running many CPS applications from different domains including energy, health, security, and entertainment. Like other Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs), when a number of applications share physical world entities, it raises many systems of systems interdependency issues. Such problems arise in the cyber part mainly because each application has assumptions on the physical world entities without knowing how other applications work. We propose a utility sensing and actuation infrastructure for smart homes that provides comprehensive strategies to specify, detect, and resolve conflicts in a home setting. We call this framework DepSys, as it integrates many Cyber-Physical Systems by considering a spectrum of dependencies. This proposal provides an overview of the DepSys framework, some key research questions, an evaluation plan, and some preliminary results.