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Computer Science Colloquia

Firoze Lafeer, Head of Capital One Tech Fellows Program

Thursday, November 6, 2014

2:00 PM, Olsson Hall, Rm. 120

HOST: Kevin Sullivan

Mashing banking services together in a functional reactive way


Capital One, a Fortune 500 company and one of the nation's top 10 banks, is actively transforming how our customers interact with their money. As we build out a new class of user experiences, such as in our new Capital One Wallet, our development teams are incorporating a functional style of programming and functional reactive frameworks in interesting new applications. Come listen to one of our C1 Tech Fellows talk about how we are applying these new frameworks to app-specific orchestration frameworks, and within our client apps themselves. We'll cover:

  • What our motivations are in pursuing this style and these frameworks
  • Some examples of how we think about this in our orchestration layers
  • Surprising results as we implement this even at the client layer
  • What we hope our new associates knew about FRP's coming out of college

Bio: Firoze Lafeer is the head of the Capital One Tech Fellows program where he is responsible for defining long term career paths for the deepest technology experts throughout our company. Our Tech Fellows provide technical leadership in emerging programming patterns, emerging development platforms and frameworks, and new ways of imaging projects that help us build an entirely new standard of consumer financial services. Firoze previously played a key role in building our world-class engineering teams at Capital One Labs, which led major innovations in data science, large scale analytics, APIs, and new payment technologies. Firoze has led software development seminars in the company and in the larger community, and is regularly kept up at night by questions on Stack Overflow and other communities.