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Computer Science Colloquia

Thursday, April 23, 2015
Nicholas Janus
Advisor: Yanjun "Jane" Qi
Attending Faculty: Alfred Weaver(Chair)

11:00 AM, Rice Hall, Rm. 504

Master's Project Presentation
Supervised Complex Detection: a Cytoscape App for supervised detection of complexes in PPI networks


In Biology, protein-protein interaction networks grant insight into the functional role of proteins, the molecular machinery of cells.  Sets of proteins that interact to perform some cellular function form complexes within such a network.  Current approaches to discovering new protein complexes rely on the network's topology, which only represents part of the available information. Supervised complex detection (SCODE) is a Cytoscape app that uses Bayesian networks to discover potential protein complexes, based on the features of known complexes.  SCODE allows users to specify their own models and leverage arbitrary data about proteins or interactions  (e.g. protein weight and expression correlation), which they can manage using Cytoscape, an open-source graph visualization tool.