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Computer Science Colloquia

Friday, May 4th, 2012
Ge Gao
Advisor: Kevin Sullivan
Attending Faculty: Wes Weimer, Chair

11:00 AM, Rice Hall, Rm. 504

Master's Project presentation
Social Decision Networks in Software Engineering


Software engineering outcomes depend on how well networks of people collaborate to formulate, resolve, and act upon evolving sets of interrelated decisions. A premise of this work, supported by prior research, is that teams often under-perform today due to a lack of methods and tools to support collaborative making of coupled decisions. We will present work on concepts and tools that we believe have the potential to improve the performance of such teams. This presentation will summarize our work on improving the social construction and analysis of, and the coordination of teams through, what we call social decision networks (SDNs). A SDN models: a network of technical system parameters including decision, environment, and outcome variables; a set of relationships that couple system parameters; a mapping of participants to decision variables for which they are responsible; and social links determined to be necessary for effectively coordinating decision making involving shared and coupled decisions. We will present a Web 2.0 tool supporting collaborative development of SDNs and analysis and visualization of their technical and social network structures.