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Computer Science Colloquia

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Kirti Chawla
Advisor: Gabriel Robins
Attending Faculty: John Stankovic, chair; Paul Reynolds and Westley Weimer

9:00 AM, Rice Hall, Rm. 504

PhD Qualifying Exam Presentation
Object Localization Using RFID


Object localization is a key primitive for many applications in ubiquitous computing. Recently, radio frequency identiļ¬cation (RFID) technology emerged as a promising way to localize objects, particularly in indoor environments. However, numerous contemporary RFID-based localization approaches utilize hybrid technologies such as lasers, cameras, and sonics, which limits their performance and applicability.

We propose a pure-RFID -based object localization framework that offers high performance and wide applicability. We characterize the effectiveness of this new approach, present new key insights and possible use-cases, and identify additional research directions.