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CS at U.Va.

The U.Va. Department of Computer Science is a nationally recognized leader in computer science research and education. Our department includes 28 faculty members, 80 graduate students and 680 undergraduates. Faculty are active in fundamental computer science and engineering research and are engaged in interdisciplinary initiatives with scientists, humanists, engineers in other disciplines and medical personnel.

Our graduate students transition from students to collaborators through participation in world-class research projects. Our undergraduates are involved in research and are enriched by an integrated and challenging curriculum.

Distinguished Alumni Speaker Jason Mars


Talks and Events

Friday, February 19, 3:30pm (Rice 130): Computer Science Distinguished Alumni Speaker
Jason Mars, University of Michigan
Friday, February 19, 11am (MEC 341):
Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research
Data, Predictions, and Decisions in Support of People and Society

Past Events

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